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Mick Trovoada + Tutin D’Giralda = TutinMick’s

Cape Verde + Angola + São Tomé and Príncipe + Portugal = TutinMick’s

Picture fo TutinMick's from Tutin D'Giralda MysPace PageAs TutinMick’s, Bass player and singer Tutin D’Giralda and percussionist Mick Trovoada present a unique approach to traditional Cape Verdean songs, influenced by reggae, funk, blues and jazz, and branded with their own musical personality. 

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Tutin D’Giralda is a self taught bass player from Cape Verde. He was influenced by his ‘bass gurus’, Marcus Miller, Stanley Clark and Nathan East; he created his own personal way of playing the bass. As a bass player, he was part of a portuguese pioneer band in afro-rap, ‘General D e os Karapinhas’, which were very popular, and had a number one hit on the portuguese playlist.

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In this YouTube video you can hear one of his songs:

Mick Trovoada was born in Luanda, Angola, but his heritage is also from São Tomé and Príncipe. He lived in both countries in his childhood, so these countries music play an important role in his music influences. Em 1983 Mick went to Portugal where he started his musician career. He participated at the Theater and Dance Group called Kalandula, and participated in several other projects such as Marincongas and Ngoma Makamba. The project Marincongas was composed by him, the Angolan singer Té Macedo, and playing the marimbas, the muscian, writer and ethnomusicologist Jorge Macedo. The project Ngoma Makamba consisted at a African professional percussion ensemble.

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Infos about the individual artists: their Myspace page.
Info about TutinMick’s from the City of London Festival, where they play today. 

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